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Dom Jantoń, along with the winery and stables, is surrounded by a two-and-a-half-acre vineyard.
Here the family creates in harmony with tradition
and nature
white and rosé wines, naturally sweet wines from the late harvest
as well as sparkling wines
and ciders by the most noble method of second
fermentation in bottles.

Dom Jantoń

Blanc de Blancs

Gentle bubbles and the perfect balance of elegance and intensity make Dom Jantoń flagship wine ideal for any occasion.

Dom Jantoń

Cabernet Cortis 2022

A variety of Cabernet Cortis in an unprecedented pink version. The color of a sunset.
Ideal for: grilled dishes

Dom Jantoń

Solaris Late Harvest 2022

Liquid gold color falling into the color of Baltic amber. Intense aroma of Polish ripe pears with a background filled with decadent notes of honey and raisins


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