Unique Regional Evening in Spala with Dom Janton wines

U n i q u e R e g i o n a l E v e n i n g i n S p a l a w i t h D o m J a n t o n w i n e s

Perliczka z pieczonym jabłkiem oraz Rondo Dom Jantoń

A unique Regional Evening in Spala with Dom Janton wines.

We are proud to have been invited to take part in such a special evening at the Hotel Prezydent in Spala. On February 2nd, the Regional Evening took place, during which beautiful art, delicious food and perfectly selected wines met to create unforgettable moments. 


The Prezydent Hotel in Spala and the Ges i Wino Restaurant invited local artists from the Simcinow Gallery, Anna and Jaroslaw Luterackich, who presented their unique works. The menu was carefully created with local products, and Beata Janton personally selected the appropriate wines from Dom Janton for each dish, and then led a commented tasting. 


In the menu we could find Cryfish stewed in white wine with Blanc de Blancs Dom Janton, Guinea Fowl with baked apples with Rondo Dom Janton, as well as Pike with patato cake with Seyvl Blanc/Riesling Dom Janton. Un unforgettable evening for all the guests and for us. 


Photo report from the Evening

Beata Jantoń
Beata Jantoń

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